Get involved & give back

MaPHSA encourages active participation in community or organizational activities, allowing individuals to contribute their time, skills, and resources toward meaningful causes. USC MPH students can positively impact the lives of others and enrich their public health skills.

General Meetings

MaPHSA hosts biannual meetings to introduce the e-board, the organization’s purpose, and how the organization can help students reach their goals academically, professionally, and socially. Special guests are invited, including public health career services and representatives from renowned public health organizations. Meetings are held both in-person and virtually.

Community Outreach & Volunteer Work

Through collaborative efforts with local organizations, MaPHSA actively engages in community service initiatives to address pressing public health concerns and uplift underserved populations. These outreach programs and volunteering efforts amplify the impact of MaPHSA’s endeavors by promoting holistic well-being and social equity within the community.

Social Gatherings

MaPHSA’s social events cultivate community among resident and online USC MPH students. By offering opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment, these gatherings enhance student well-being and enrich the overall educational experience, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment within the program.

Personal Development & Networking

Professional development and networking panels equip USC MPH students with essential skills, connections, and insights to succeed in their future careers. These panels serve as opportunities for students to expand their professional network, gain industry knowledge, and enhance their career prospects within public health.

National Public Health Week

MaPHSA celebrates National Public Health Week to raise awareness about the importance of public health, promote community engagement, and inspire action towards building healthier and more equitable societies.

Academic Support

Given the challenges often associated with midterm and final exams, MaPHSA hosts study sessions to provide a supportive environment where students can connect and assist each other academically.

MaPHSA Study Jam - Fall

Frequently Asked Questions

Elections for our executive board are held every Spring semester. All USC MPH students are welcomed to apply and participate in MaPHSA elections and events.

All events will be posted on our social media accounts and on the MPH program Canvas announcements.